Consultations from $90.00

Physiotherapy treatment is appropriate for many complaints including back, neck and hip pain, headaches, sports injuries, postural and overuse injuries.

As a first contact practitioner, you do not need a doctor or specialist referral to visit Rehub Studios physiotherapists, where they can assess, diagnose and treat your presenting issues.

The Rehub Studio physiotherapists use a combination of soft tissue mobilisation, joint mobilisation and manipulation, muscle and movement re-education, stability training, strengthening and exercise prescription to assess, diagnose and treat patient injuries.

Physiotherapists can also refer for imaging if required.

Physiotherapy Pricing

30 Minute Consultation $90.00

New Patient Consultation (45 Minutes) $110.00

60 Minute Consultation $140.00

Our Physiotherapists

Katrina Carter


Coming from a sporting background founded through competing in gymnastics, tumbling, athletics and judo before more recently focusing on cycling and tennis, its clear that Kat has developed a love for movement...

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Marlena Ahrens


Being an elite athlete herself and having competed in multiple marathon kayaking World Championships, Marlena understands the demands required to train and compete.

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