Kayak Physio Sessions on the Water

Return from Injury Assessment - 90min

The session involves an initial, short, land-based assessment followed by an on-water session where Marlena will join you on the water. Marlena will incorporate a rehab program into your water-based session with a strong focus on developing a correct warm-up & activation program. The program will target your specific needs addressing any weaknesses and compensatory motor patterns. On and off the water videoing may also be used for your feedback and to assist on skill correction.

Stroke correction, technique & maintenance session

- 60min

If you are after a one on one session that details stroke-correction, is technique driven and can be used as an ongoing maintenance session to up skill your warm up and activation exercises then this is the session for you. - 60min - Predominantly water-based - goal oriented session - Utilizing on & off water videoing for client feedback

Team up

Wanting to team up with a colleague and do a session together?

After an initial one on one session with Marlena, team up with colleagues and do a group session consisting of 2-3 people.


Based out of Fairfield Canoe Club & Mercantile Canoe Club, both of which have undercover areas for warm-up/debrief.


The weather usually doesn’t interrupt on-water sessions unless its extreme and considered dangerous ie hail or thunderstorm. In this case your session will be refunded or rescheduled for another day

Equipment required to bring

Own boat, paddle & life jacket

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