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Myotherapy is the physical treatment of the soft tissue structures of the body, providing preventative, corrective and rehabilitative care.

The aim of Myotherapy is to restore and maintain the normal integrity of the bodies soft tissue structures (i.e. muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia).

These structures can all be affected by everyday exercise, poor posture, pain, biomechanics, medical and structural conditions, occupation, fatigue, stress, injury and overtraining.

Myotherapy Pricing

30 Minute Consultation 60.00

45 Minute Consultation $80.00

60 Minute Consultation $100.00

Our Myotherapists

Lauren Wilson


Lauren is a unique soft tissue professional, with strong history embedded in elite sports having worked in the AFL, at the Australian Open and with Australian and international cricketers...

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What to Expect

Consultation Preparation

If you have had any scans / x-rays, surgeon or doctors referral letters that relate to your pathology please bring them or let the clinic know so we can chase up the reports prior to your appointment. This streamlines your consultation allowing the practitioner to spend more time treating and getting to the root of your pathology effectively.

Please were loose comfortable clothing. If you are not comfortable standing in your underwear please bring or wear shorts to your consultation, this relates to patients having pelvic/hip and leg pathologies.

If you have a running injury please bring in associated footwear along with any orthotics.

Pre Consultation

On arrival to the clinic you will be required to give initial patient information regarding, contact details, date of birth and any scan reports etc. Please allow 5 minutes before your initial consultation to update your records with the clinic.

During your consultaion

We like to get in as much hands on treatment in a session as possible, so a brief discussion on past history, current pathology, medications, aggravating and easing factors will be discussed and continued throughout the session. We will carry out an inspection of the area of concern, assessing range of motion, muscular strength and weaknesses, biomechanics, neurovascular testing, stability testing and palpation. The best treatment pathway may involve a number of techniques including but not limiting to:

Myofascial Release


Dry Needling

Soft Tissue Treatment

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) stretching

Functional Fascial Taping

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