Bike Fit

Through dynamic assessment, a correct bike fit will assist in riding comfort and performance while helping establish patterns, strengths and weaknesses.

Bike Fit Pricing & Checklist

Standard Fit (60 Minutes) $150.00

Extended Fit (120 Minutes) $270.00

Things to let us know:

Do you have a road bike or CX bike?
Does your bike have a skewer or thru axle?
Are your tyres glued or changeable?
Is your bike 10 or 11 speed?
Please put this information in notes if booking online.

Our Bike Fit Equipment

Absolutely Everything Covered. From Computrainer to Specialized Test Saddles

When it comes to bike fitting, there is no shortcut that doesn't sacrifice results.

That's why our clinic is equipped with the latest Computrainer technology - giving us the data we need to tweak your setup to the last millimetre. From pedal efficiency to power, you'll leave every session at Rehub knowing that much more about your riding.

Clients of Rehub also get to take the guess work out of selecting a new saddle. With a large range of Specialised test saddles in assorted sizes, we are one of the few places that allow you to properly test on the road.

Test saddles available free of charge to all Rehub clients.

Test saddles we stock:

Oura Expert Gel Saddle 143

Oura Comp Gel Saddle 155

Oura Comp Gel Saddle 168

Specialised Power Comp 143

Specialised Power Expert 155

Specialised Power Comp 168

Romin Evo Comp Gel 155

San Marco Era 143

Selle Italia Diva Lady 152

PRO Stealth Saddle 152

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